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Air Pistols, Co2 Pistols & Accessories


Acro1 Co2 air pistol.

* Classic Original Model 6 break barrel recoilless target air pistol in 0•177 calibre, only £175 *

Gallery Air Pistol.

* £POA *

Walther Co2 Pistol.

* Walther Co2 0•177 BB Pistol, as new condition, complete with original box and two magazines, only £110 *

Vintage Air Pistol.

* Vintage late 1800’s air pistol made by MGR, only £450 *

Healthways Plainsman.

* Healthway Plainsman model MA22 styled like a Colt woodsman, this scarce pistol is made even scarcer being in it’s original box with the added paperwork, only £250 *

Webley Junior.

0•25 calibre Apache.

* Rare 0•25 air pistol by the National Cartridge Corporation with 8 1/8″ rifled barrel, and spring fed magazine that holds 8 round balls. Air chamber is marked Pasadena 2 APACHE CALIF USA. The gun is in its original ultra-rare cardboard box with a picture of an Indian head and marked Apache Air Pistols super power big •250 calibre. The end of the box marked manufactured by National Cart Corporation 330 Square Fair Oaks Avenue, Pasadena 2 Calif USA. The box also contains an original cardboard tube of •25 lead balls. And marked on the end genuine Apache Air Rifle •250 cal ammunition. Only £650-00 to add this rare gun to your collection. *


* Benjamin Model 242, made between 1986 and 1992, comes complete with a Tasco pistol scope, only £100-00 *

Crosman target pistol.

* Crosman Co2 powered target pistol in 0•177 calibre, Mod made 1950 – 1954, with original introductory box, “Gold internal with cut out for gun” complete with Co2 bottle, £POA *

* Crosman Super Pells *

Daisy BB target pistol.

* Daisy BB target pistol, model 177, 150 shot repeater, original collectible ROGERS FACTORY BOX, only £150 *

Crosman Pellgun.

* Crossman 130 pneumatic pump action single shot pistol in 0•22 calibre, original box, good condition, 2nd variant with metal pump handle, only £150 *

Scorpion 5

* B.S.A. Scorpion Air Pistols, prices from £100 to £175 each. *

Crossman Medalist.

* Crossman medalist classic pump action air pistol, only £125 *

Original Model 5.

* Original Model 5 in 0•22 calibre, moulded, 7″ barrel, 15 7/8″ O/L, only £125 *

* Bedford Waker Air Pistol in 0•177 Cal, in good working order, Circa 1890, Only £250 *