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* A nice 0•22 PCP air rifle by Logun of standard spec complete with scope and sound moderator, a nice kit that just needs some pellets for your next vermin shoot. Only £550 *

Barakuda air rifle.

* A VERY RARE one for the air gun collector, this is the “HW Barakuda EL54” this was a joint venture between the Weihrauch company and the Barakuda company in Hamburg, this had a limited production and in over 40 years have only seen two, I have been told that there are some fakes out there made up from HW35’s, but this one is the real deal ! Only £950 *

* A Weihrauch HW55T with the rare Tyrolean stock in 0•177 calibre. It’s in great condition and working order, this is a very rare gun, I have only seen 3 in over 40 years ! Only £450 *

A scarce “Ansonia”

* A scarce “Ansonia” air rifle in 0•22, this gun has been nickel plated and is in good working condition, Only £325 *


* B.S.A. Improved Model D’s, good working order, only £195 each *


* Very rare 8mm Gifford, more details to follow …. *

Crosman bell target.

* One for the airgun collector, a Crosman “Bell Target” 7″x 5 1/2″ with two original period targets in virtually unused condition, only £95 *

German breech-loading bellows air gun.

* A scarce German breech-loading bellows air gun with full length walnut stock with lightly carved foliage to both sides, the tip up barrel is released by a catch forward of the brass trigger guard which is large with indents for the fingers it also has double set triggers, a great addition to any gun collection. Only £1250 *

B.S.A Airsporters.

How many would you like? we have a few…..

Webley & Scott MKII.

If you like the Webley & Scott MKII service air rifle, we have quite a few for sale…..

Park Rifle Co Ltd.

Prototype air rifle.

* This air rifle is a rare pre production prototype from the personal collection of Mr Roy Hutchinson, air gunsmith and designer of the RH series of air rifles manufactured by the Park rifle Co Ltd. featured in Airgun World in May 1992. 0•25 calibre with an extra 0•22 barrel, this gun measures 38 3/4″ overall, and has a 24″ barrel which swings sideways for loading. It has a brass air chamber with a long pump lever, mounted on a crudely finished stock for trial purposes only. This gun was never put into production, only £750 *

Weihrauch HW35.

** Vintage Weihrauch HW35 in 0•22 calibre, these were the first great air rifles to challenge the British air gun market back in the 60’s and 70’s it is in super condition for

Sterling HR81.

* A quite scarce 0•22 calibre air rifle by Sterling Armament Co. This is the rare “Bolt Action” type action, Model HR81, a great collectors piece in a super condition, Only £325 *

Logun Axsor.

* A very nice 0•22 calibre P.C.P. air rifle, Swedish Axsor “Logun” in as new condition and fitted with a 6-24 x 50 scope which has a red/green illuminated mil-dot reticule, all in very good-as new condition, only £450 *

B.S.A pcp air rifle.

* 0•22 Calibre air rifle by B.S.A. fitted with a 6-24 x 50 telescopic sight, sound moderator and complete with a spare bottle and nylon slip, only £450 *

* Farco 28 Bore P.C.P Air Shotgun, immensely powerful and very light weight hunting air shotgun, not to be under estimated ! classified as Section 1 here in the U.K. but in the great U.S.A. and the rest of the civilized world …….. its an air gun ! only £650 *

Falke Mod 70.

* Very scarce 0•22 calibre air rifle made by Falke. This was their Model 70 and it has an unusual barrel locking lever, it retains about 90% of the original finish, and does have rust marks and spots as can be seen in the photos, complete with period case, only, £200 *

Logan Stock.

* Near new walnut thumb hole stocks for a Logan PCP air rifle, minor marks, only £85-00 *

Webley Verminator.

* 0•22 calibre PCP air rifle called the “Verminator” and made by Webley, complete with integral 2 shot mag, very good condition, only £350-00 *

Giffard Air Rifle.

* Very scarce Giffard air rifle, 25 1/4″ barrel with original sights and St Etiene inlaid in gold on the barrel, the action nicely engraved overall. The stock has a 13 3/4″ pull with original butt plate with usually chip to the tip of the stock, overall length is 42″, only £2000-00 *

Webley Service MKI

* Webley & Scott Service MKI air rifle in calibre 0•177, this is a very scarce collectable air rifle for the advanced collector, it is in perfect working order and very good overall condition, only £950-00 *

Relum Super Tornado.

* Classic under lever cocking Czech air rifle made by Relum, model ‘Super Tornado’ this gun put Relum on the map so to speak, very accurate and affordable, only £125-00 *

Air Arms SM100.

* Air Arms SM100 single shot 0•22 calibre PCP rifle, with 3-9 x 40 scope, 18 1/2″ barrel, overall length 36 3/8″, only £300-00 *

Air Arms S400 XTRA FAC.

* Air Arms S400 XTRA FAC, PCP air rifle, very good condition virtually unused, nice wood, FAC rated, only £400-00 *

Theoben Eliminator.

* Theoben Eliminator gas ram Air rifle and 4×40 scope, 0•22 calibre FAC rated, only £450-00 *

C.A.R.D. ballistic pendulum for air weapons, 0•177 – 7 grain & 0•22 – 14 grain, complete with both pendulums, only £POA

Webley & Scott Tracker.

* Webley & Scott Tracker, side lever action air rifle, with sound moderator, 0•22 calibre, only £POA *

~ A selection of my Gem air guns collection ~

~ Mick’s Gun’s brings you air guns from the Webley & Scott collection ~

~ Each guns has its own certification by Wallis & Wallis ~

* 0•22 Calibre Webley Vulcan break action air rifle. Sn 859164 A standard production model with fitted sights, £425-00 *

* 0•22 Calibre Webley Longbow prototype break action air rifle, Sn 890582, action is fitted to an Omega stock, not the same as production version, no sights fitted, £525-00 *

* 0•22 Calibre Webley Stingray side lever “concept prototype” air rifle, Sn 21638 example with black stock. Webley bi-pod fitted under barrel, Eclipse MK1 foresight and

* 0•25 Calibre Webley Eclipse MK2 under lever rifle, Sn 838791 example with 17 1/2″ barrel fitted with sights, foresight an earlier type, plain dark wood stock with checkered pistol grip, £575-00 *

* Webley Eclipse MK2 under lever rifle, Sn 850885, checkered grip, example with a MK2 foresight fitted, £525-00 *

* 0•22 Calibre Webley Axsor carbine compressed air bolt action air rifle, no Sn, a pre-production example with side plate not engraved, walnut stock with single screw fixing, £575-00 *

* Webley Spectre multi-shot compressed air air rifle prototype. no number, polished black metal parts, grey painted composition stock, black painted areas where neoprene pads

* A Webley Tracker C1 side lever action air rifle, Sn 41383 with a deluxe stock, example fitted with sling swivels, £475-00 *

* A Webley FX2000 carbine, Sn 1006, pump up bolt action with a matt finished stock with checkered fore end and grip, pre production example with a non standard pressure gauge fitted, £575-00 *

* 0•22 Calibre Webley Axsor carbine compressed air bolt action rifle, Sn 000120, stock with checkered fore end and grips, gloss finish to tube and and muzzle, £475-00 *

* 0•22 Calibre Webley MK3 under lever air rifle, Sn 41924 a standard production model with scope rail, £400-00 *

* 0•22 Calibre Weihrauch HW35 break action air rifle. Sn 660358, standard version with 19 1/2″ barrel, no fore sight fitted, rear sight and plain stock, £375-00 *

* 0•177 Crossman Model 147 pump action pneumatic air rifle, no Sn, with orange stained wooden stock and folding fore end, £350-00 *

* 0•22 Calibre Gammo ASi Paratrooper break action air rifle, Sn 701515, a 1960’s style rifle with separate plastic grip and wooden stock, mounted to a crinkle finish metal frame, complete with fitted sights, £300-00 *

* 0•22 calibre Ace precision “Impact” model Gold pre charged air rifle, an o/u shotgun style rifle, with engraved action and barrel, superb finish, very rare gun, so rare you will not find another like it, only £1600-00 *

* 0•177 Calibre Webley Axsor carbine compressed air bolt action air rifle, with 3.5 – 10 x 45 WA platinum scope, £575-00 *

* 0•177 Calibre Webley Omega break action air rifle, with safety catch, cocking release lever and sling swivels, £400-00 *

The following air guns are not from the Webley & Scott collection:

* Theoben break barrel air rifle with really nice wood, very strong scope mounts, silencer needs gluing, only £300-00 *

BSA Meteor.

* BSA Meteor air rifle in 0•22 Calibre, 18″ barrel, 40 3/4″ overall length, £80-00 *

BSA Super 10.

* BSA Super 10 with illuminated telescopic sight and LASER ! 10-shot rotary magazine in 0•22 Calibre, only £425-00 *

Webley & Scott MKIII.

* Webley & Scott MKIII air rifle, 0•177 calibre, only £300-00 *

BSA Cadet Major.

* BSA Cadet Major air rifle in 0•177 calibre, overall length 42 1/2″ , 16 1/2″ barrel, only £110-00 *

Sig Hammerli Mod 401.

* Sig Hammerli Mod 401 semi target rifle in 0•177 Calibre, dioptre sights, single lever cocking, very good condition, only £400-00 *

Daisy Powerline.

* Daisy Powerline lever cocking BB gun, Bicentennial model, only £125-00 *