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Please Note: Pending renewal of my licence, all sales of Section 2 Shotguns are suspended until further notice.


E. M. Reilly & Co Maharaja Gold Presentation.

* A really super presentation gun built for a Maharajah or eastern nobility, this was made by the well respected London gun maker “E. M. Reilly” ALL the metal parts have been gilded, it has 32″ fluted barrels and a beautiful Walnut stock, the gun is housed in one of the most beautiful cases that I have ever seen. This is a true investment piece or just a joy to own. Only £10,750 *

Cased S.L. & C. Smith.

* A rare cased 16 bore double barrel percussion sporting gun by S.L. & C. Smith, famous for their ‘Imperial Caps’ no 5224 c1843 in its original oak case with rare fittings, only £4,750 *

Cased ‘Smith of Braintree’.

* A nice cased 14 bore double barrel percussion sporting gun by ‘Smith of Braintree’ c1850, only £2,750 *

Cased percussion rifle by J.W. Edge.

* A rare and very unusual cased 60 bore “Breech loading” percussion rifle by J.W. Edge Manchester no 31 c1850 in its original fitted mahogany case, only £3,500 *

Cased Charles Ingram.

* Details to follow *

Cased sporting shotgun by J. Blanch.

* A great cased 16 bore double barrel sporting shotgun by J. Blanch no 2140 c1845, only £3,250 *

Cased shotgun by Forsyth & Co.

* A cased 12 bore double barrel percussion sporting shotgun by Forsyth & Co Patent Gun Makers no 4137 c1838, only £2,500 *

Tranter patent 0•32 rimfire.

* A good cased Tranter patent 0•32 rimfire revolver in it’s original oak case with key and some accessories, it is in good working order and condition. Only £1,150 *

Manton London & Edwd London, cased combo.

* A nice cased set of a percussion shotgun and a walking stick gun, the 14 bore side by side shotgun has 30″ twist barrels marked “London” on it’s rib, the locks on the walnut stock is engraved with scrolls and “Manton” the gun is in good working order and condition, the original rod has a capped worm.

The super 36 bore percussion underhammer walking stick gun has a 32 1/4″ browned twist barrel, the walnut handle has a removable screw at the end which when removed the beautiful grained walnut stock can be screwed to it, the set also has a 7″ barrel with a foresight and engraved on it is “Edwd London Gun and Rifle Maker, 55, London Wall, London” all the metal fittings are nicely engraved and blued, it’s all housed in a period mahogany case with accessories and a crest on the lid, a super scarce set, Only £5,500 *

Cased Pepperbox.

* An unusual and scarce cased pinfire revolver “pepperbox”, it’s the same as a conventional revolver but without the barrel, it’s a six shot 7mm, the frame is stamped “Arendt, Brevete” it has a folding trigger and a sliding safety catch. It’s in great working order and condition and housed in it’s original velvet lined close fitted case, Only £1500 :Note…This maker “Arendt” is listed working in Liege 1857 to 1889 *

Lassence Ronge a Liege.

Note: the single hook barrel plug (which I have not seen before) the special tool to remove the plug is present in the case.

Note: the single hook barrel plug (which I have not seen before) the special tool to remove the plug is present in the case.

Special Note: The high quality Damascus barrels and rib which has been acid dipped to give a textured finish.

Special Notes: The ram rod pipe’s which are of Damascus tubes to match and the silver escutcheon for the sling eye.

* A very nice high quality cased muzzle loading ball and shotgun by Lassance Ronge of Leige, this superb quality gun is in it’s original rosewood veneered case with brass corners (one missing) and retaining most of it’s tools in this close fitted case. The engraving is top quality, this would make a fine investment, Only £5,500 *

Cased German Target Pistol.

* A great C.1850 cased German 38 bore percussion target pistol by Carl Wunder in Mannheim, the octagonal 10″ Damascus barrel with 10 grove rifling, the island lock engraved in copper script with plate the makers name. The pistol is in it’s close fitted green baize lined case with all it’s bits, a really super set. Only £2,500 and no commission *

Thomas Boss double rifle.

* A rare good quality and early 14 bore percussion double rifle by THE finest London gunmaker “Thomas Boss” it has re-finished 30″ barrels mounted with a four leaf express sight, fabulous bore and is a very scarce gun. More details can be found in the photos below, only £8,500 *


Further Information on this fantastic gun can be found in the excellent book written by the famous Donald Dallas called “Boss & Co: Builders of Best Guns Only” This is a book that we 100 % recommend, the ISBN number to purchase Mr Dallas’s book is 1-899163-05-0

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Cased “Joseph Lang” •577-400.

* This Scarce •577-500 double rifle by the well respected British gun maker “Joseph Lang” it has 27″ barrels with very good bores, the pistol grip stock has a 14 5/8″ pull, brass cornered leather case with all good stitching and replacement straps, complete with manufacturers letter, only £5,500 *

‘Willm Pritchard of Birmingham’ 10 Bore.

* A nice cased 10 bore side by side percussion sporting gun by “Willm Pritchard of Birmingham” it has a nicely re-browned 30″ Amadeus barrels with brass/gold poincon stamped “warranted” with the rib engraved “William Pritchard, No 14,Bull Ring, Birmingham”, the nice Walnut half stock with chequered wrist and nicely engraved locks with the makers name. The gun is housed in it’s brass bound mahogany case with folding handle and inlayed brass lined panel, a nice pleasing set, Only £4,500 *

Westley Richards 10 Bore.

* A cased 10 bore side by side percussion sporting gun by the world famous gunmaker “Westley Richards”, it has lightly etched 32″ twist barrels with the rib engraved “Westley Richards, 170, New Bond Street, London”, the good quality walnut stock with chequered wrist and plain lock engraved with the makers name. It’s housed in it’s original Oak case lined with green baize and makers trade label, case is 34 1/4″ x 9 3/4″ x 3 1/4″ o/a. Only £3,250 *

W. Richards 14 Bore.