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* A rare good quality and early 14 bore percussion double rifle by THE finest London gunmaker “Thomas Boss” it has re-finished 30″ barrels mounted with a four leaf express sight, fabulous bore and is a very scarce gun. More details can be found in the photos below, only £8,500 *

Further Information on this fantastic gun can be found in the excellent book written by the famous Donald Dallas called “Boss & Co: Builders of Best Guns Only” This is a book that we 100 % recommend, the ISBN number to purchase Mr Dallas’s book is 1-899163-05-0

~ Books by the esteemed writer Donald Dallas can be purchased on line from Amazon ~

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Cased “Joseph Lang” •577-400.

* This Scarce •577-500 double rifle by the well respected British gun maker “Joseph Lang” it has 27″ barrels with very good bores, the pistol grip stock has a 14 5/8″ pull, brass cornered leather case with all good stitching and replacement straps, complete with manufacturers letter, only £5,500 *

Westley Richards B.P. Express.

* 360 x 2 1/4 B.P. Express double rifle by Westley Richards, featuring their patent action & crab claw jointed forend, 28″ barrels, 14 3/8″ pull. A sweet little double rifle in this scarce and hard to find calibre, only £6,000 *

Charles Lancaster.

* Beautiful Charles Lancaster 450 x 3 1/4″ smooth oval bore double rifle, with Lancaster’s patented slide and drop down barrel, wonderful engraving as you can see in the photos, the whole gun refinished to a very high standard, this is a very rare opportunity to own a gun that will appreciate in value every year, only £7,500-00 *

Double barrel hammerless ejector rifle.

* Double barrel hammerless boxlock ejector rifle made in Belgium. This beautiful rifle has a 15″ stock, 24 1/4″ barrels in Calibre •405 Winchester. It has an articulated front trigger, figured stock in swans neck form, beautiful bores, weighs only 7lb 12oz and is nitro proofed, only £2,300-00 *

Rare dropping block double rifle.

Section 58 (2) No Licence Required in the U.K. !

* Rare dropping block double rifle in calibre 11.1, Austrian proof mark, very good bore, much better than the photo shows, only £3,300-00 *