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Gun Cases, Cartridges Cases, Slips & Holsters


Pistol case C.

* Pistol case C measures 7 3/8″ x 8 5/8″ x 2 3/4″ O/A Only £75 *

Vintage Case.

* Superb quality vintage mahogany gun case made for Cardinal Brewster Esq. only £550 *

James Woodward & Sons.

* Vintage cartridge case made by James Woodward & Sons, Only £650 *

S.S.C. Holsters.

* A super good quality rig for the re-enactor of CSA period made by the Sierra saddle company, the whole in great condition (as new). Only £250 *

Russian Holster.

* Russian / East German holster for a semi automatic pistol, with a pouch to hold two spare magazines, only £30 *

‘The Expedition’ double rifle case .

* A very rare double rifle Expedition case, Wood and leather construction with very good stitching. Will take barrels up to 24″, only £350 *

Army & Navy.

* A LARGE canvas covered and leather bound cartridge magazine fitted to take seven rows of shotgun cartridges, it has it’s leather straps and the trade label of the “Army & Navy” co-operative society Ltd to the inside of the lid, it’s 21 1/2″ x 10″ x 6 1/2″ o/a. Only £175 *

Holster C

* Holster for a Colt percussion style revolver, only £45 *

Holster D

* Holster (Slim Jim) for a Colt percussion style revolver, only £45 *

Holster H

* Holster for a Smith & Wesson style revolver, only £45 *

Holster I

* Fast draw steel lined holster for a heavy barrel competition revolver, only £100 *

Holster K

* Holster for a small automatic Browning or Beretta, with strap and cartridge loops, only £75 *

Holster L

* A nicely tooled suade lined holster and belt to fit Colt 45 style revolver, only £150 *

John Dickson.

* A good quality brassbound mahogany gun case with lift up ring handle to lid, 34 1/8″ x 9 5/8″ x 3″ o/a. The inside will take up to 32 1/2″ barrels and is lined in green baize with the trade label of “John Dickson” one compartment has a lid with a ivory knob to it, only £750 *

Quality leather holster.

* A good quality leather holster for a 6″ barrel revolver, only £15 *

Leather military holster.

* A brown leather military holster for the P38 or similar, only £25 *

Leather fast draw rig.

* A nice leather fast draw rig for the practical pistol shooter R/H, Belt to fit waist size 31 1/4″ to 41″ complete with two Jet speed loaders with pouches, only £145 *

1911 Holster.

* Quality leather holster for the Colt 1911 style semi automatic pistol, only £20 *

Vintage Leather Gun Case.

* A nice scarce vintage leather gun case of rectangular form to take 30 1/4″ barrels x 7 3/4″ x 2 3/4″. This case has good stitching and is double ended, it also has a good solid handle, only £150-00 *

Vintage Leather Outer Gun Case.

* A good leather outer gun case, measuring 8 3/4″ x 3″ x 32″, only £80-00 *

Bussey’s Patent Case.

* Bussey’s Patient leather case, complete with the original key ! only £300-00 *

Canvas wide cartridge belts, brown or green, only £15-00

Adjustable wetlands style cammo cartridge belts, new, only £15-00

Vintage “Leg of Mutton” style quality leather gun case, with good stitching, only £100-00 each