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Please Note: Pending renewal of my licence, all sales of Section 2 Shotguns are suspended until further notice.



* Butt plate to fit the Browning Double Automatic, fantastic condition, only £25 *

Scorpion 7.62 x 32 Magazines.

* 5 magazines to fit the Scorpion 7.62 x 32 auto, only £50 *

Holland & Holland oil bottle.

* A square glass oil bottle 1 1/2″ X 1 1/2″ X 2 1/4″ high the top marked “Holland & Holland, London” in nice clean condition. Only £125 *

* A. Uberti, new barrel in calibre 0•45LC for a Winchester 73, full octagonal 30″, £125-00 *

Nikko 12 bore barrel.

* Replacement 28″ multi choke barrel, with a modified choke fitted, for the Nikko semi auto shotgun, only £50 *

Remington 20 Bore.

* Replacement 28″ barrel with modified choke, for the Remington 1100 20 bore semi auto shotgun, only £50 *

Winchester Barrel.

* A project or replacement barrel for the Winchester model 1894 chambered in the very popular 30-30 calibre, excellent condition, fantastic bore, only £75 Note: Section 1 FAC or RFD is required *


* New “unused” original walnut butt stocks for the Lee Enfield No 4 rifle, these are fully inletted and only needs polish, these can also be used to make table lamps or cribbage boards or let your imagination run free, only £10 each . *

Rare Shadow woodwork.

* A scarce set of woodwork for the Shadow F1 semi-auto shotgun, it has a rare straight hand stock, only £75 *

Walnut prop guns.

* A great prop gun with a nice Walnut stock and wooden barrel, this would be great for a gun shop to mount scopes on to try out or convert to a lamp stand. These quality walnut stocks are perfect for re-stocking a gun such as an air rifle, These blanks were originally made for the Parker Hale Dragon side lever cocking air rifle, they are only £35 each *

Westley Richards bullet pouch.

* A “new” unused cartridge wallet to take 5 rounds of •500/450 cartridges, made by Westley Richards, only £25 *

Colt Ace 1911

* A nice tooled leather magazine pouch housing a scarce spare •22LR magazine for the Colt Ace 1911, Only £50 *

Magazine pouches.

* Two leather mag pouches to take two mags each, 1st marked US Milwaukee Saddle Co 1946 and the other marked US.L-F Co 1951 MRT 12-51, only £40 the two *

“Butler Creek” all weather stock with integral bipod.

* New and in its packaging, all weather stock with built in bipod for the Remington Model 700 bolt action rife, only £75 *

8 Bore Rifled Barrel.

* Wanted, A strong man with money to buy this 24 5/8″ un-chambered 8 Bore rifled barrel. 2 1/4″ diameter and weighs 10 lbs. This barrel was rifled by the famous German rifle maker “Ferlach” it would make the ultimate rabbiter ! only £650 *

0•45 Calibre Brass.

* New brass cases for the 0•45 Calibre Schofield, bag of 100, only £65 *

Antique Butt Plate.

* Very old butt plate with spur, measures 132mm x 41mm approx, distance between the holes is 78mm approx, only £10-00 *

G & J.W. Hawksley.

* Fluted bodied rifle flask by G & J.W. Hawksley, with patented top, marked in Grams on one side, and in Grams on the other side, only £750 *

James Dixon & Sons rifle flask.

* Brown leather bodied rifle flask by James Dixon & Sons with patented top, graduations from 70 Grains to 110 Grains, only £775 *

James Dixon & Sons Metford rifle flask.

* Black pig skin leather bodied rifle flask by James Dixon & Sons. The nickel top marked “Metford Rifle, Gibbs Bristol”, graduations from 4 to 5 Drams, only £800 *

Sykes Patent.

* Sykes Patent Extra Quality powder flask, with rare fine wicker work covering, with German silver top, unlikely to ever see another one like it anywhere in the world, this is a rare opportunity to add something really special to your collection, only £750 *

Sound Moderator.

* Very effective sound moderator proofed for calibre 0•17 HMR *

Primed Cases.

Primed new unused cases 32 Bore £50-00 per box, 24 Bore, £50-00 per box and 28 Bore only £30-00 per box

* Belt driven lathe type turn over tool by Lightwood & Son, Birmingham, replacement handle, only £400 *

* Lathe type turn over tool by Lightwood & Son, Birmingham, only £400 *

* The Eley Expert, made in the USA, Victorian cast iron clay thrower, very good working condition, only £200 *

* Remington Dupont hand held clay thrower, only £150 *

* Dosko Sport ATV field gun case and mounting bracket. Good thick quality gun case with removable padded lining, brand new & boxed, only £75 each. *

* Large treadle operated roll turnover tool made by Lightwood & Son, Birmingham, Only £500 *

Various cases for sale, all the unusual ones you can’t seem to get anywhere….. Please E Mail Mick

RCBS new seta of Dies, one set in 0•41 Mag, the other in 0•41 ACT-EXP, only £25-00 each set

~ Assorted spare magazines ~

Steyer-Manlicher 8 round mag, calibres marked, only £35

Steyer-Manlicher 8 and 4 round round mags, calibres as marked, only £35 each

“Dixon Climax” patent cartridge loader, complete press, powder hopper, slot hopper, cartridge tray and brass wad tray, this is only the tip of the iceberg !

~ This could be called a substantial collection ~

~ Detailed photographs can been seen in the photo gallery below, click on any picture to see it full size ~

12 Core

20 bore & •410

16 bore & •410


French press made in Paris







Powder & Shot

Press 1

Press 2

Press 3

Press 4


Set 1

Set 2



~ Quality Brass shotgun cases, brand new in 16 bore, sold in singles at £1-30 or £1-25 each in a box of 25 ~

Unfinished stock and fore ends for sharps carbine, stock £125, fore ends £45

Walnut stock blanks

Choice of 3

Only £50 each

Brass snares, only 50p each

Three legged collapsible field stools, measure 29 1/2″ folded, only £15 each

* Set of 7 Briley extended and ported chokes to fit 12 bore Browning Invector Plus, very good condition, hardly used, only £210 *

The laser gun bore sighting system only £75 plus £5 P+P