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Shooting Related Collectibles 3

12 Bore crimping tool.

* 12 Bore crimping tool, only £40-00 *

Nickel plated antique capper/de-capper, A. Greenfields Patent, 12 guage, only £350-00

Westley Richards.

* Accelerated Low Pressure (A.L.P.) Westley Richards & Co Ltd, the box of cartridges features the image of the famous Bishop of Bond Street, only £75-00 *

Eley Two Inch.

* Scarce opportunity for all owners of vintage English 2″ chambered guns, Eley 12 bore cartridges in boxes of 25 , only £20-00 per box *

* Scarce air gun shooting medal, dated and hallmarked 1906, only £100-00 *

Glass Balls.

Just Hatched…!

* A new clutch of blue Victorian antique glass target balls, this batch was purchased very cheaply, so here is your chance to own a real piece of shooting memorabilia at only £150-00 each ! *

* Cartridge magazine made by the prestigious gun maker Joseph Lang & Son, Pall Mall, London. Leather and Oak with Brass corners, all original, complete with dividers and cartridge lifting straps, measures 19 1/2″ x 13 1/2″ x 6 1/2″, only £575-00 *

* Vintage cast iron clay traps *

* Minor No3 Vintage cast iron clay trap *

Winchester snipers scope.

* Very rare Winchester snipers scope, 14 1/8″ overall length, only £150 *

Walther’s patent pistol.

* Very rare Walther’s patent pistol, it does not appear in any documentation we know of, any information would be helpful, please E Mail Mick *

* Early American cast iron cap gun, marked Stevens 6 shot, measures 7″ overall. *

* Early American cast iron toy gun, patented April 26th 1892, overall length 8″ *

Many new penknife style extractors, details to follow …… or you can e mail Mick

Victorian glass target balls, details to follow …… or you can e mail Mick

Many more oil bottles added to the collection, e mail Mick for your requests

Quality, durable game scene “wipe clean” waterproof material ideal for table cloths, curtains etc. Made by the prestigious Giovani Crespi in Italy. Measure 55 1/2 ” wide, priced at just £5-00 per metre.

Glass Target Balls.

Substantial collection of approximately 50 Victorian target balls, some very rare, above photo shows just a few.

Click on the photos above to see the them full size

My entire collection of Victorian target balls are for sale, offers invited in the region of £10,000

~ Shooting trophy spoons, bought, sold, swapped etc ~

~ If you think this cartridge is big, wait until you see the gun ~

* Book of 8 famous sporting prints published in 1930, these coloured aquatint prints are in mint condition mounted on individual pages of the book, only £250 *

Very rare French ammunition/cartridge poster, measures 24″ x 36″ only £200-00

Cartridge extractors, adjustable, only £5-00 each

Horn & Brass jags, 16 & 12 bore, £POA

Chamber brush, £POA

Cartridge extractors, £POA

Oil bottle, antique pull through and various branded quality snap caps, £POA

Eley & Kynoch Cartridge Display

* Beautifully Cased display showing early samples of famous Eley & Kynoch Ammunition *

Clay thrower.

* Clay Throwing Rifle by R. Blanton of Ringwood, £POA *

Eley 14 Bore.

* 14 bore paper cased cartridges made by Eley, boxes of 25, only £70-00 each *

* 0•360 black powder express cartridges made by Eley and Kynoch, in Boxes of 10, only £POA *

Spot Shot.

* Spot shot, as new, cased, only £75-00 *

Scarce Bussey patent gyros, Circa 1870, £30 each

Glass Target Balls.

IRA Paine’s filled ball, Pat: October 23 1877

Very rare, only £300-00

~ So many more ~

E Mail Mick Shepherd

Oil Bottles

~ A small collection of oil bottles ~

* W.W. Greener oil bottles, from the Webley & Scott factory, £POA *

G & J.W. Hawksley glass oil bottle with pewter lid, unused, 1 3/4″ square, £POA

G & J.W. Hawksley oil bottle, 2 1/2 x 1 5/8″, £POA

Glass oil bottle, 1 5/8″ diameter, £POA

Nickel oil bottle, 1 3/4″ diameter, £POA

Tined oil bottle with brass top, 2 3/8″ x 1 3/4″, £POA

Unnamed glass oil bottle, nice faceted top, 1 3/4″ square, £POA

Unusual glass oil bottle with pewter lid, 1 1/4″ diameter, £POA

Oil bottle by Alex Martin of Glasgow, Scotland, 2″ square, £POA

~ Unnamed oil bottles, £POA ~

~ Many more oil bottles to follow when we can get them sorted and photographed ~

* Very Rare, Mitchell-Henry clay thrower Circa 1920 *

Many More…. E Mail Mick Shepherd

Dixon Powder Flask.

Very Scarce Patent Dixon Powder Flask (not in Rilings) only £300-00

WMore photos of the seam….

Toy belt gun £POA

Knall Korke £POA

Harmless Pistol £POA

Brass patented cleaning rod made by C.M.Powders Gun Cleaner £100-00

* Silver shooting trophy, only £100-00 *