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Shooting Related & other Collectibles

Welcome to the Shooting Related & other Collectibles Page


Victorian glass target ball.

* A very scarce amethyst shooter target ball, from the early days of trap shooting, only £450 *

Bartram 8 Bore Capper De-Capper.

* Bartram capper / de-capper in the very scarce and much sought after 8 bore, only £400 *

Bartram RTO.

* Bartram RTO tool in the scarce and much sort after 8 bore, this would make a great accompaniment for the capper / de-capper above, only £550 *

Eley-Kynoch blazer buttons.

* Very nice PURPOSE made buttons for a blazer or overcoat (Not spent cartridge heads, these are REAL), each one is marked “Eley – Kynoch 12” They could very easily be made into cufflinks, Only £5 each *

Dixon game counter.

* A super four dial game counter by “James Dixon & Sons” marked on one side “Pheasants” and “Partridges” and with “Hares” and “Rabbits” on the other side, it’s also marked with the Dixon trumpet and banner makers mark and has a suspension loop. Only £650 *

Lancaster game scorer.

* Double ended container, one for lead balls, one oil, very unusual, only £175 *

Silver pepperette.

* A pair of silver pepperettes modelled as a shotgun cartridge, made by Horace Woodward & Co, London 1894, Only £600 *

Pistol rounds.

* A nice framed display of pistol cartridges, the frame measures 9 1/4″ x 7″ O/A, Only £50 *

Pistol rounds.

* A very nice framed display of pistol cartridges, which has been sectioned to show the make up of the ammo, a very nice display, frame measures 19 1/4″ x 8 1/4″ O/A, Only £85 *

The big stuff !.

* One for the BIG boys toys, framed display of LARGE bore cartridges, the frame measures 10 1/8″ x 10 1/8″ O/A, Only £85 *

Webley & Scott tradecard.

* Webley & Scott tradecard, 6″ x 4 3/4″ only £45 *

Powder flask A.

* Power flask by G & J.W. Hawksley, Only £125 *

Powder flask B.

* Powder flask with a good solid body, only £95 *

Powder flask D.

* Bartram & Co powder flask, only £75 *

Powder flask E.

* French horn bodied powder flask, only £175 *

Powder Flask.

* Scarce patent powder flask, copper body with standard nozzle marked in drams, only £125 *

Powder Flask.

* A very rare and hard to find gun stock powder flask in great condition, by the well respected maker James Dixon, this is large model flask, only £650 *

Powder Flask.

* A good French powder flask with horn body and patent swivel top nozzle, only £250 *

Powder Flask.

* A scarce French horn bodied powder flask with a nice patent nozzle, 4 suspension rings, only £250 *

Powder Flask.

* A good German flattened horn powder flask, this has a good copper game scene medallion mounted on it and a single suspension ring, only £250 *

Powder Flask.

* A good powder horn with quality wooden base and brass base filling plug, the top has a very nice brass measure cup, two suspension rings and a leather thong, only £250 *

12 & 16 Gauge sportsmans knife.

* A good vintage sportsmans knife, incorporating a cartridge extractor for 16 and 12 bore cartridges to one end, with turn screw/cork screw, lace hook and a good knife blade with suspension loop to other end, only £250 *

Sykes Powder Flask.

* This is a good quality powder flask by Sykes, with German silver body and mounts, nozzle marked in drams, only £125 *

Powder Flask.

* A good usable vintage copper bodied powder flask, embossed with shell type pattern, only £85 *

Powder Flask.

* A good vintage plain copper bodied powder flask made by G & J.W. Hawksley, only £85 *

Cartridge Paper Cutter.

* Here we have a very rare and interesting tool from the Eley Cartridge Factory for the collector and persons interested in the early manufacture of shotgun cartridges. This was used for cutting strips of paper in the making of shotgun cartridges, hence its scarcity and price of only £295 *

Vintage Double Trap.

* A good vintage fully working cast iron double arm clay trap in very good condition, only £250 *


* A scarce 105mm Recoiless shell case, only £85 *

California Cap Company.

* Wonderful cap tin, made by a very famouse company, £ to follow *

Vintage Chamber brush.

* Vintage ‘take apart’ 20 bore chamber brush, only £55 *

German Target.

* A good hand painted German target for shooting the tie break, the pine board is 19 3/4″ diameter, only £125 *

Game counter.

* A great little vintage game counter, I had never seen another like it until I was researching it and found that there was one in the Royal gun room ! so now you can own one the same as the Queen, only £450 *

French game counter.

* French game counter, written in English at the top of course, and in French underneath, only £650 *

Puma Game Counter.

* German made Puma game counter, only £650 *

Game dispatcher.

* Extremely rare game dispatcher, only £275 *

Place finder.

* High quality vintage place finder, only £650 *